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West Side Ann Arbor Mason Block Work

Mason work here in Ann Arbor isn’t just about repair. Sometimes it is changing a door to a window.

This is a West side Ann Arbor business that recently moved into a commercial building. There once was a doorway here and that door has been blocked in so a window could be installed in its place.

They will probably return after the weather warms up to repaint the area so it isn’t as noticeable.

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Mini-Split Air Conditioner Requires Drilling Masonry Wall

I was reviewing some photos from last summer and I came across this one of a mini-split air conditioner on a 1960’s home that had hot water heat.

As it turns out I’m looking at installing this type of system at my home and one of the challenges is making the 3″ holes in the brick wall. It I have some other masonry work done at the same time I’m sure the mason would take care of this.

The question is where to find an
Ann Arbor mason.

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Mason Needed When Upgrading Some Old Ann Arbor Windows

This picture shows some older metal windows on a 1930’s Ann Arbor luxury home. At the time the home was built these were a premium window. Considered nicer than wood double-hung windows because they brought in more light and the were easier to open and close.

They were often installed in well built brick sided homes.

However these days they are considered drafty and not very energy efficient. But, to replace them and do a nice job sometimes requires masonry work.

And hiring an Ann Arbor Mason isnt’t cheap.

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