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cinder block – YouTube – Cinder block wall breach

Today the flat screen TV is very popular among consumers. It is easy to see why these modern TVs are such a hit with viewers all over the world. They are much lighter in weight, they offer a true HDTV high resolution picture, and they take up much less space than the old CRT TVs of years gone by.

Because of the greatly decreased space requirements and much lighter weight many people today are finding it better just to do a wall mount flat screen installation.

Flat panel wall mounted units offer several advantages over setting them on conventional type TV floor stands.

1 – A wall mounted flat screen TV looks very modern and stylish and can really add to the decor of a room.

2 – Flat panel wall TV mounts will free up some valuable floor space and give your room a less cluttered look.

3 – Flat panel wall mounts with full viewing adjustments will allow for great viewing from anywhere in your room.

4 – The wall unit will get your flat screen above the floor and out of the reach of small children.

In most homes the wall mounting hardware will be secured to the hidden wood studs behind your wall exterior. You will need a stud finder to locate these studs. You must also be able to determine where any hidden water pipes or electrical wires are running behind your wall so that you do not puncture them with your mounting hardware. If you are in doubt please consult a professional first before you start.

A smaller percentage of homes will need to have the wall bracket hardware secured to concrete, cinder block or brick walls. This will require special wall anchors, but this hardware is usually included with most wall mount hardware kits supplied with the mount.

When choosing the best flat screen wall mount for your TV there are two major things you must consider. You must choose the right mount for the size TV that you have. There are some major differences between wall TV mounts for small flat screen TVs and the larger flat screen TVs. You must pick the right mount for the size of your television to hold it properly.

There are 3 main types of flat screen TV wall mounts to choose from. The next thing that you will need to decide is what type of TV wall unit that you will need that will fit your needs and your budget.

To find out more about the 3 types of Flat Panel TV Wall Mounts please visit
There you will learn about the choices of TV wall mounts on the market. You can then make the right decision to pick the best wall mount for your needs.

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cinder block – Latest cinder block news – Cinder block raised beds – Horsetopia Forum

I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts lately. I thought I might do something different today and rustle up a few bits of info from around the WWW. These are some of the news items and blog posts that have been popular over the last few weeks. Leave me your thoughts.

Cinder block raised beds – Horsetopia Forum

I found an article in my Hobby Farms magazine where the person was making a 4 sq. ft. raised Continue reading cinder block – Latest cinder block news – Cinder block raised beds – Horsetopia Forum

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cinder block – Repetition and Outdoor Living – Looking to Frank Lloyd Wright For Design Ideas

For many decades designers have been looking to Frank Lloyd Wright for design inspiration. The principles underlying his approach to design can be applied to anything that calls for fine aesthetic quality. If you have an outdoor area that you would like to make more comfortable and attractive, the approach taken and structures created by Wright might be worth investigating. The Dana-Thomas House Continue reading cinder block – Repetition and Outdoor Living – Looking to Frank Lloyd Wright For Design Ideas

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cinder block – Fastening to Masonry Guide

To secure most items to a concrete, brick, or cinder-block wall, you will need to drill a hole and insert a wall fastener. Use lead anchors for most loads and expansion shields for exceptionally heavy ones. Use plastic anchors and fiber plugs for very light items.

To drill a hole in masonry, use a carbide-tipped bit on an electric drill, preferably a variable-speed model that will let you drill at Continue reading cinder block – Fastening to Masonry Guide

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cinder block – Make a Concrete Block Machine – A Solid Business Opportunity

Making concrete blocks is a solid business with great profits. Everything from big buildings to tiny backyard projects is built using cement blocks. They are used by the building trades everywhere. There is always a big demand for concrete blocks and they will not go out of style.

You can start a part time business,from your garage,making concrete blocks with hand molds. Plans and instructions for Continue reading cinder block – Make a Concrete Block Machine – A Solid Business Opportunity

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cinder block – Latest cinder block news – Player Sculpture

Ok so 3 more posts today that I’ve dug up – I’m an information JUNKIE on this stuff lately. Give em a browse and let me know what ya reckon. They’re just from a few different sites I’ve been surfing lately that are generally good for information like this…

Player Sculpture

22-foot-tall hockey player sculpture installed outside Prudential Center Trumpet Player Statue in Silver Finish $31.99 Although Continue reading cinder block – Latest cinder block news – Player Sculpture

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cinder block – No Nonsense Gardening

No Nonsense Gardening

I’m a city girl through and through and when I moved out West I wanted to learn it all. I wanted to learn how to camp, fish, garden and can my crops (ha, ha, ha). Well I didn’t much like the camping, the wildness of the outdoors was just not what this city slicker was looking for and fishing…YUK…need I really say more? Than there was gardening UGH…what a time consuming, Continue reading cinder block – No Nonsense Gardening

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An Ann Arbor Chimney That Needs Some Work

This is a chimney in Ann Arbor that needs some work. It doesn’t look like it has had much attention and it is about 60 years old.

At about 24 seconds you can see a seed got planted in a hole in one of the bricks and a seedling is growing out of there. (I don’t know if you can see it on the video but there is actually a little green bud on the seedling.)

Also on the front there is a brick that has split off.

I’ll be contacting a chimney service to see what they might do with this.

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cinder block – Latest cinder block news – Wood Carved

Hey Readers! I’ve been comin across some crazy stuff the past few days from a few different blogs around the web which I just had to share with you. Check em out below…

Wood Carved

Wood-carving factory in GuangZhou China Distressed White Wood Carved Side Table $27.95 Shaped legs and shell-design trim add distinction to this square side table. A generous drawer and a bottom shelf provide plentiful Continue reading cinder block – Latest cinder block news – Wood Carved

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cinder block – YouTube – EZ Concrete, Cement, Cinder Block and Brick Laying using …

Storage 101: Organizing Space For College Students

Getting smart about organizing dorm rooms or apartments can help keep students focused-and keep their living spaces comfortable.

After all, the spaces serve as a bedroom, office, living room and sometimes kitchen all in one. And while cinder-block walls and super-skinny beds may be what graduates remember from college years ago, students today want rooms that express their individual personalities. Once trendsetting coeds know what they want and how they want it to look, the challenge becomes making it all fit. Try these tips:

• Closet Courses-College closets are small, and even smaller when shared with a roommate. You may want to invest in a storage system that can be removed and reused for the next move. Try starting with ClosetMaid® Selectives® 16-inch-wide custom closet orga-nizer. The freestanding component includes five shelves and three hang rods-one for long items and two for shorter items. From there, expand with stackable shelves, drawers, cubes and wire baskets.

• Study Guides-Outside of the closet, study resources reign supreme. Having the feel of a home office helps students to get orga-nized, which leads to smarter studying. If drawer space is limited, hang shelves outside of the closet to keep textbooks, journals and other supplies.

• Just Like Home-Since most college students move every year, their living arrangements may feel temporary. Living room accents like ottomans and drapes can help by creating a warm, custom look-but they can double as hidden storage, too.

“Ottomans are great because they give your friends a place to sit other than on your bed,” says college senior Brianne Smith. “I love the ones that open up so you can store blankets, games or anything else inside.”

Lisa Mooksang, also a senior, used an adjustable spring rod to hang curtains in front of her doorless closet. “I’ve used fabric drapes or even bright shower curtains to solve two dorm dilemmas: they section off my closet and add some color.”

• Plan Ahead-Remember that storage needs change with the seasons and as students accumulate more to store throughout the year. Consider easy-to-install ClosetMaid ShelfTrack™. Only the horizontal track is installed onto the wall; the rest of the components simply attach to cr
eate a storage system that changes with students’ needs. One, two or many wire shelves snap into place for folded sweaters in the winter. Those same shelves can later be replaced by a hang rod for spring dresses.

By: Wendy Mitchell

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For more information, including an online Visual Storage Planner, visit or call (800) 874-0008.

Look Smart-Closet organizers can help students make the most of small college rooms.

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