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Player Sculpture

22-foot-tall hockey player sculpture installed outside Prudential Center Trumpet Player Statue in Silver Finish $31.99 Although this sculpture is made our of resin it looks and feels like a metal. It is exquisite collector's item and …

Turn Wine Cellar into Grow Room?

The basement is cinder block and the previous owner built an "L" shaped wall in 1 corner out of 3" x 14" x 8" cinder block to form a 44" wide x 144" long x 78" tall "Wine Cellar". (Yes, my basement is only 78" from concrete floor to the …

Cinderblock Composter

A quick way to make your raised bed gardens is to use cinder blocks to enclose the garden area. Cinder blocks are about $1.30 each. I like my gardens to be small enough to reach across, so I used 24 blocks for a cost of about $30. …

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Landscaping Oak Park

The neighborhoods in the town of Oak Park near Thousand Oaks reflect the Mediterranean climate of this area near the Santa Monica Mountains. The heat of summer days is tempered by the cool ocean breezes that blow in from the west, and winter temperatures are rarely uncomfortable. The airiness and steady sunshine lend easily to backyard patios, decks, spas, and a general enjoyment of outdoor entertaining and pride in property.

Oak Park residents seem to take a certain pride in their green spaces. The town is comprised mainly of single family homes and private townhomes, separated by plenty of parks and greenbelts running along the streets and surrounding residential divisions. A good selection of native and imported flora is evident in the oaks and elms nestled in among the palms and ground cover, and lawn designs of all shapes and sizes finish this portrait of California suburban living.

This scenario results in a great variety of methods of landscaping Oak Park. A unique aspect about Oak Park is that many streets and green spaces are owned and cared for by the community itself, which puts forth an admirable effort in the maintenance and replenishing of the variety of floral and grass species that highlight the parks and roadways. This fervor in landscaping Oak Park carries over into the homeowners associations and private residences, where creativity in design is reflected most.

The individually-owned homes and townhomes feature traditional and not-so-traditional approaches to landscaping Oak Park. Although commonly-shared property lines will often be demarked by wood or metal fencing, the view from the backyard of each residence is as unique and diverse as the people who live in them. The entire town seems to be in a landscaping frame of mind, as older designs of brick walkways and vine-covered chain-link fences give way to more tasteful textured concrete surfaces and slat fences of fresh redwood and cedar.

Many areas of the town rest on a foundation of clay soil, which can cause some drainage problems if not addressed properly. Some homeowners are responding to this issue by re-grading and even removing some of the soil, replacing it with creative concrete work and innovative d
rain systems that protect the home while giving the yard an inspired facelift that only increases the value of the property.

Even the smaller backyards of townhomes can take on a spacious and artistic feel with some careful forethought and thorough planning. The shared fencing that generally separates these types of residences can be dressed up with smart half-walls and planters that add a lot of ambience without taking up a lot space, which is important in a limited area. Simple cinder block designs become classy sitting areas for guests when capped with stone or manufactured faux-stone products. Patios and pathways of concrete slab textured with intricate designs and color-matched to accentuate the exteriors of the yard can bring the whole design together in an easy-to-do and easy-to-maintain manner. These are just a few of the creative ways in which the residents are landscaping Oak Park.

By: Larsen Landscape

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Landscaping Oak Park – Larsen Landscape Ventura County/Simi Valley has been providing superior landscaping services for over twenty-five years. Services include custom gardens, masonry, patios, driveways, as well as many others. For details visit

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