cinder block – Make a Concrete Block Machine – A Solid Business Opportunity

Making concrete blocks is a solid business with great profits. Everything from big buildings to tiny backyard projects is built using cement blocks. They are used by the building trades everywhere. There is always a big demand for concrete blocks and they will not go out of style.

You can start a part time business,from your garage,making concrete blocks with hand molds. Plans and instructions for this are readily available. You make the molds yourself from plywood and sheet metal and simply fill them with the appropriate concrete mix. You then turn the blocks out of the molds and let them dry before selling them. One person can turn out 100 cement blocks in a good days work. A local supplier always finds a ready market at building supply stores. They welcome local producers who can supply them with their needs at a good price. With no transportation costs you can make a very good profit and still keep your prices very competitive.

Sooner or later the demand for your products will be more than you can handle using hand molds. At this point you may decide that your part time business is ready to become a full time living. You will want to manufacture concrete blocks in larger quantities. To accomplish this you will need a concrete block making machine. Concrete block making machines are available from several makers. Most of them are abroad and the machines are expensive. If you can afford it go ahead and buy one. They do a great job and will pay for the high cost with greatly increased production. However there is a better way– for a fraction of the cost you can build your own concrete block machine.

Building a concrete block making machine is actually not that difficult. Plans,with complete instructions,are readily available and will enable you to build a machine which will produce 800 concrete blocks per day. The machine is built from new or used auto parts,sheet metal and a few odds and ends. This machine made for a fraction of the cost of a commercial machine performs equally well. A small hand operated machine can also be built. This is capable of making 200 blocks per day and is easy to make and run. You can make any number needed of low cost concrete blocks. You will be able to fill bigger orders than you possibly could using only hand molds.

You will naturally want to produce other concrete products when you are in the concrete block business. You can make concrete garden ornaments, birdbaths,sundials,concrete garden furniture,patio slabs,window boxes,huge vases and concrete urns for the garden. There is a very strong demand for these items and they are very profitable to manufacture. Your small part time home business has by now become a full time,high profit,enterprise. Few jobs can make you the income possible from your business.

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