How to Build a Brick Wall

How to Build a Brick Wall

Building a brick wall may seem like a piece of cake, but if you really wish to build a wall that lasts long, then you have to build it properly and using quality material. Here is your guide on how to build a brick wall.

How to Build a Brick Wall

Building a brick wall yourself can give you a sense of accomplishment, that you can not derive when you hire a professional bricklayer. However, if you have no prior experience in masonry, then this task can be pretty challenging for you. If you plan to build a brick wall, that lasts long and withstands all the climates, then it is imperative that you learn the correct technique of building brick wall. No matter you are planning home construction, garden brick wall or a veneer wall, the method and the building materials required, remain the same.

How to Build a Brick Wall
Before proceeding to actually building a brick wall, you’ll need to collect all the materials and tools that you’ll need for your job.

Materials and Tools

  • Mortar Mix
  • Trowel
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Line
  • Water
  • Jointer
  • Brush
  • Tape Measure
  • Nails
  • Wall Ties
  • Bricks
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Safety Gear


First thing you’ll have to make sure before laying bricks is, that you need to have a solid foundation to lay the bricks on. This foundation should be preferably made of concrete. If there is no existing concrete foundation then you’ll have to pour a concrete footing, several days before you actually begin laying bricks. Start laying the bricks from the ends of the foundation. Measure the length of the wall by measuring the distance between the outer edges of the bricks at the end. Then, measure the width of your brick. Bricks come in several sizes, some are long, some are wide and some are thin. Suppose your brick is, 9 5/8 inches long, then make the marks at every 10 inches on the foundation. These marks will allow you to position the bricks correctly on the foundation. A gap of 3/8 inches is left for filling the mortar mix, which acts as a jointer.

Once you have all the markings in place, start laying the bricks from the left end of the wall. Spread a layer of mortar with a trowel and press a brick on it. Remove the excess mortar, that comes out after pressing the brick. Continue the process till you reach the end of the wall. Do not forget to fill the gaps between the bricks with mortar mix. Check the level of the layer of bricks using a level. Make the necessary adjustments and alignments. Now, start laying the second layer of bricks on top of the other. Follow the same procedure, as in the first layer. Continue, until you reach the desired height of the wall. Make sure to check the level and alignment every now and then to get a straight and even leveled wall. When the mortar has set but not hardened, tool the joints of the bricks, so as to get a smooth finish.

You can get a DVD of bricklaying to get the practical demonstration of how to build a brick wall. If you are really interested in masonry or are required to take on more brick laying jobs in future, then you can also go for a crash course in brick laying.

By Ashwini Kulkarni
Published: 8/25/2009

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